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Drug Addiction Counselling

Is the consequences of drugs affecting your relationships, work, reputation and health? Have friends and family talked to you about their concerns with your drug use? Are you struggling with drug abuse and addiction? There is help available and you do not have to struggle alone. Through Mah's Counselling, you will have space to explore and understand the addiction, ways you can free yourself from its grip, and learn to live life and thrive. Call Terry at Mah's Counselling Services today to make an appointment and start your journey of recovery.

Terry is a Certified Multiple Addiction Therapist with the International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP). IITAP is a recognized leader in the field of addiction recovery and training. Call me today to book an appointment for addiction counselling or couples recovery counselling.


Various Drug and Alcohol Recovery Groups

Narcotics Anonymous - NA meetings in Central Alberta

Recovery Groups for Family Members Affected by Drug Addiction


Leeds Depenedency Questionnaire

A screening test for drug and alcohol abuse.

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