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Couples and Relationship Counselling

Are you finding that you are growing further apart in your relationship? Is your relationship marred with fighting and anger? Do you desire to have a closer intimate relationship? At Mah's Counselling Services, we provide a compassionate and caring environment to explore new ways of interacting, relating, and creating deeper understanding of one another. Relationships do not have to just get by, they can thrive. Call today to book an appointment.

Maybe your relationship has been affected by an addiction. You or your partner is in recovery but your relationship still struggles. Call Terry today to explore new ways of relating to each other and repair the damage caused by the addiction. The addiction doesn't have to define the relationship. 

Couples Resources

What is Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy?

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) is a couples therapy developed by Drs. Sue Johnson and Les Greenberg. EFT utilizes attachment theory to help guide couples therapy in order to re-organize the interactional patterns and emotional responses in couple relationships.

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