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Recovery and Addictions Counselling

Are you struggling with drugs, alcohol, gambling, or sexual behaviours that are causing damage to your relationships, to your work, to your reputation, or to your finances? Are you feeling alone and wondering if someone can understand your struggle? At Mah's Counselling Services, you will have a compassionate space to gain a greater understanding of the addiction, explore new ways to leave behind the addiction, and learn to not just cope but to thrive in life. Call today to book an appointment.

Is your loved one struggling with an addiction to drugs, alcohol, gambling or sexual behaviours and you would like to know how to best respond to the addiction? Are you or your loved one on the journey of recovery from addictions and you would like to work on your relationship? Terry provides a compassionate and caring environment to learn new ways to build intimacy in recovery from addiction. Call today to book an appointment for couples recovery counselling.


Various Drug and Alcohol Recovery Groups

Alcoholics Anonymous - AA in Alberta and Northwest Territories

Narcotics Anonymous - NA meetings in Central Alberta

Gamblers Anonymous

Recovery Groups for Family Members Affected by Drug and Alcohol Addiction




Various 12 Step Recovery Groups for Sex Addiction

A list of some 12 Step Recovery Groups located in Alberta for Sex Addiction

Sex Addicts Anonymous

List of SAA Meetings in Alberta:

Sexaholics Anonymous

Alberta Sexaholics Anonymous (with meeting listings in Alberta)

Celebrate Recovery (Christian 12 Step Recovery)

Celebrate Recovery in Red Deer

Crossroads Church - Friday nights 6:00pm

S-Anon (Recovery Support group for spouses and family members affected by loved ones struggling with sex addiction)

Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT)

A free online screening test for alcohol abuse

Sex Addiction Screening Test

This is a free online sex addiction screening test:

Leeds Depenedency Questionnaire

A screening test for drug and alcohol abuse.

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